We’re a family company founded in 1971.

We grew up riding bikes around our Miami neighborhood. Not only was it a way of life but it was the family business. We developed Sun Bicycles using the colors, shapes, and geometry of what experience taught us to be the truly perfect ride in the sunshine. We’re inspired by the Miami skies and the pure unadulterated leisure experience that defines that lifestyle.

Until now, Sun Bicycles has grown through word of mouth but we felt the time had come to build a site that reflected our dedication to creating the ultimate ride in the sunshine.

We work in a small team: a designer who grew up working in bike shops who taught himself over years in the business; a close-knit sales team with a passion for adventure; and a community of bike shop owners that has worked with us anywhere from twenty years to six months – and we welcome newcomers into the fold year after year.

We’re pleased to meet you. If you don’t have a Sun Bicycle already, make sure to let us know how we can bring a bit of sunshine into your life.


A bike ride is that first taste of freedom.

It conjures summer days spent hopping between friends houses, getting to see the world on your own for the first time.

As your orbit spins out further and your world expands, a bike is a sanctuary. Alone or with friends, it’s always a very personal experience. Other than the sounds of laughter and idle conversation, the only thing you hear is the sound of tires on the ground beneath you, the clank of gears, and the wind on either side.

For us, a bike is a conduit to a life close to the sunshine, close to the light warm wind, to the elements, with no carbon footprint, no doors or windows shut to the world. The world breezes by buffered by the sound of silence, without a barrier to the sun.